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Obentraut3 awaits you...

...a very special place.

With a special history.


Die ältesten Gebäudeteile des ehemaligen Weinguts wurden Anfang des 17. Jahrhunderts errichtet, das Dachwerk über der großen alten Scheuer (eine ehemalige Zehntscheuer des Domkapitels zu Speyer) wurde laut dendrochronologischer Untersuchung 1608 ff. aufgeschlagen und ist somit eines der ältesten in Rheinhessen. Der Dachstuhl des Wohnhauses ist nur wenige Jahre jünger.

Further new buildings and conversions were added over the years, and the cellars were also repeatedly extended until the end of the 19th century. The former cowshed, which resembles a chapel with its cross vault, was built in 1861 and was used to be called “cow chapel” because of its construction. 

The building ensemble was originally home to a classic mixed farm consisting of agriculture and viticulture. In the 1970s, the business was completely converted to viticulture. The winery was owned by the family for 200 years until it was closed down in 2018. The owners cannot be traced back further than that. A note from the Ingelheim city archives (invoice and baptismal books of the Großwinternheim municipality) suggests that the property at Obentrautstraße 3 - possibly formerly Löwenstein'sche Hof - belonged to the Obentrauts for a time. For 200 years, the Obentrauts were among the nobility of the village as well as of the Ingelheim area. Their time in Großwinternheim ended in the middle of the 18th century. The first documented ancestors of the Gemünden family also came from Großwinternheim (1543). 

And when you enter the listed courtyard complex today, you are transported back in time. These walls hold so many stories. And with the elaborate renovation in 2020 / 2021, a whole new chapter begins. And this is under an ambitious vision: the historical soul of the listed building is to be preserved and given a new purpose. 

The concept for the future is called Obentraut3.

With awesome attention to detail, the rooms have been extensively renovated and modernised. You will encounter the historical highlights at every corner and they are skilfully combined with modern details. In the final stage, this successful architecture became an impressive stage for a diverse art and culture collection. The exhibits are thematically assigned to rooms, so that each area has its own unique expression and will captivate you. Step into another world - into the Museum Obentraut3.  

Step into another world - into the Museum Obentraut3







Photos: Martina Pipprich

Museum Obentraut3

Obentrautstraße 3a
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