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Heidrun und Dirk Gemünden

Foundation Gemünden and Friends

The foundation Gemünden and Friends was founded in April 2020, by the married couple Heidrun and Dirk Gemünden with the objective of promotion of art and culture. This purpose involves different areas: Among other things, the foundation would like to support the dialogue between art, architecture and building as well as the society in the long term and to contribute to its development. In addition, the focus is on the promotion of projects in the visual arts, performing arts, film, literature, music and socio-culture. Another important aspect is the are"and friends"Herewith, the foundation would like to broaden the horizon of the exhibited collection through endowments from art- and culture interested people. The deed of foundation was handed over on 6th May 2020.

Art and collecting.....for the donors Heidrun and Dirk Gemünden a shared passion, which they have combined with their enthusiasm for other countries and cultures for many years. From their numerous travels around the world, they brought many exciting art objects to Ingelheim am Rhein. The first exhibits were already purchased during their student days. Early collectors' items include, for example, the first African mask, which was acquired during a stay in France. Likewise, the collection includes, among others, works of contemporary art or Impressionism. Thus, over the years, a considerable art collection has been assembled, which is testimony to the wide-ranging interests of the two donors. The diverse scope thus does not correspond to the usual classifications. You can find out more about the exhibits in the category collection Collection. 

"It is difficult to name favourite pieces," says Heidrun Gemünden. "Every journey, every collectible has its own story and is linked to memories of the fascinating places we have travelled together. For example, the big Buddha: it always reminds me of our trip to Myanmar. There we visited many temples and everywhere we encountered the most diverse Buddha figures."

Dirk Gemünden already felt the enthusiasm for collections in his childhood. Whether "glass clickers" or pictures for the Sanella-albums, which were very popular at the time, - the ambition to bring special things together gripped him immediately. It then became more serious with collecting stamps. The first stamps were mainly from the first set of occupation issues of the French zone of Rhineland-Palatinate and formed the basis of the "Gemünden Collection". In the meantime, Dirk Gemünden's stamp collection has grown to a considerable size.

The elaborate refurbishment and renovation of the listed former winery in Großwinternheim and its conversion into a modern museum in a historical shell is a first milestone for the Foundation. From June 2022 on, the exhibition of the exciting art and culture collection can be viewed here.

Insights into the collection

„Jede Reise, jedes Sammlerstück hat eine eigene Geschichte und ist verbunden mit Erinnerungen an die faszinierenden Orte, die wir gemeinsam bereist haben.“

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